How to Speed Up or Reverse a Clip in Premiere Pro

by Katelynn Mitchell
Read time: 3 min
Posted 18 August 2023

If you want to add some creative touch to your video editing projects, adjusting the clip speed in Premiere Pro can be a powerful tool. Whether you want to speed up or reverse a clip, these techniques can help you achieve the desired effect and enhance the overall visual impact of your videos. Let's find out how to reverse and how to speed up a clip in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Why Change the Speed of Your Videos

Both fast motion and slow motion videos can be used for certain purposes. We will tell you more about them.

Fast Motion Videos

Speed-up videos are used in many areas of filmmaking. For example, you can speed up a video to create a funny video or shorten its length.

The fast-motion effect has many uses, such as in cooking instructional videos. For example, a step-by-step cooking tutorial process may be too long to fit into one video. Or it can also help you in cases where you want the length of the video to be short.

Fast-moving steps will allow the viewer to quickly understand the whole process without having to watch the entire video.

Slow Motion Videos

You can also slow down the video so that viewers can get a closer look at the scene. Or you can make a slow-motion video that creates an overall surreal atmosphere.

Why Try Reversing Your Videos

One of the primary reasons for reverse videos is to enhance storytelling. This effect adds a sense of mystery and anticipation. It can be effective in music videos where the reverse playback can align with the rhythm of the song, adding an extra layer of depth and complexity to the overall viewing experience. In narrative storytelling, this technique can provide a fresh and innovative way to present a story, leaving the audience transfixed as they try to decipher the underlying message.

It also helps emphasize specific actions or motions. When played forward, certain movements may occur too quickly or go unnoticed. However, by reversing the footage, these moments can be highlighted, drawing attention to intricate details that might have otherwise been overlooked. 

The reverse video technique is not limited to just the playback of footage. It can also be applied to individual visual elements within a scene, such as text or graphics. Animating these elements in reverse allows you to create unique and attention-grabbing visual effects. This approach is frequently used in commercials and motion graphics projects, injecting a sense of novelty and creativity into the final product.

Where to Find the Clip Speed Duration Controls

To get started, you need to locate the clip speed duration controls in Premiere Pro. These controls allow you to manipulate the speed of your clips and add a dynamic element to your videos. To find the clip speed duration controls, you can simply right-click on the clip in the timeline and select "Speed/Duration" from the drop-down menu. This will open up the Clip Speed/Duration frame.

How to Reverse a Clip in Premiere Pro

First, locate the clip you want to reverse in the timeline. Once you have selected the clip, right-click on it and choose "Speed/Duration" from the menu. In the Clip Speed/Duration dialog box, you will see an option called "Reverse Speed". Enable this option and click "OK". The clip will now play in reverse, creating an intriguing and visually captivating effect.

How to Speed up a Clip in Premiere Pro

If you want to speed up a clip instead, Premiere Pro offers a variety of options to achieve this. First, select the clip in the timeline and right-click on it. From the menu, choose "Speed/Duration" to open up the Clip Speed/Duration dialog box. Here, you can manually enter the desired speed percentage to increase the clip's playback speed. For example, entering 200% will double the speed of the clip, while entering 50% will slow it down to half the original speed. Experiment with different speed values to find the perfect fit for your video.

Rate Stretch Tool

Another useful tool in Premiere Pro for adjusting clip speed is the Rate Stretch tool. This tool allows you to change the duration of a clip by stretching or compressing it. To use the Rate Stretch tool, simply select it from the toolbar or press the "R" key on your keyboard. With the tool selected, click and drag on the edge of the clip to either stretch it or compress it. The duration of the clip will change accordingly, and you can preview the result in real time.


Overall, Premiere Pro offers versatile options to speed up or reverse a clip, allowing you to add creative flair to your videos. These tools help you achieve stunning visual effects and captivate your audience. Go ahead, explore these techniques, and take your video editing skills to new heights in Premiere Pro but remember that each feature brings you profit only in moderation.

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