Think Reliable: Inside NVIDIA's New Creator-Ready Update

by Katelynn Mitchell
Read time: 3 min
Posted 18 August 2023

For years, video card drivers have primarily catered to gamers, leaving enterprise cards behind. However, NVIDIA aims to change this trend with the introduction of its groundbreaking Creator-Ready Drivers. Unlike their traditional Game-Ready Drivers, these drivers are specifically designed to enhance the performance of the most frequently-used content-creation software.

NVIDIA Brief Overview 

NVIDIA is the world leader in graphics computing technology and the inventor of the GPU. Over the years, the company began specializing in computer graphics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that now support HPC, gaming, and VR platforms. Their Creator-Ready Drivers bring technology to the next level and allow creators to release more sophisticated content. 

An Evolutionary Update

In the past, NVIDIA driver updates predominantly focused on optimizing the gaming experience, aligning with the release of new video game titles. While occasional updates for software like Adobe Suite or AutoCAD were included, users had to navigate through multiple patch notes and forums to determine the most suitable updates for their preferred software. However, with the implementation of the Creator-Ready Drivers, this tedious process is now simplified. Each update is tailored to specific "Creator" software, ensuring reliable and tested performance in the most popular programs nowadays.

Compatibility and Installation

The Creator Drivers are readily available for download, starting with the GTX 1050 and extending to the 20-series, Titan V, and Quadro 6000 lines. Most graphics cards above GTX 1050 are compatible with these new drivers. To install the driver, each user can use the GeForce Experience software on their desktop. By launching the software and navigating to the Drivers section, users can select the Creator-Ready Driver option and proceed with the installation. After that, they can notice improved performance. 

Enhanced Performance

While NVIDIA's blog post provides limited information regarding performance improvements, the download page highlights some notable upgrades for the RTX 2080, including: 

  • Up to 13% improvement in Blender Cycles. Blender 3D is a multifunctional professional software for creating and editing three-dimensional graphics. Blender is an easy-to-use tool with professional-level functionality which is willingly used even by large studios.
  • Up to 9% in Photoshop. Photoshop is a raster graphics editor. The program can work with photos, 3D objects, animation, and typography.
  • Up to 9% in Premiere Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro is a program that allows you to perform non-linear video editing. This software is the perfect tool for any post-processing or editing process of video footage.
  • Up to 8% in CINEMA 4D. Cinema 4D is a program for complex work with 3D, e.g. modeling, rendering, and animation. It allows you to create realistic and stylized three-dimensional images of people, animals, objects, interiors, environments, abstract objects, and others. You can also work with 2D objects, for example, to perform their complex animation.
  • However, it's crucial to remember about the testing parameters and specifications of the devices used for these results.

Embracing Stability and Simulated Workflows

NVIDIA's new approach to Creator updates prioritizes stability by reevaluating the pace of major patches. The focus is now on ensuring high stability for supported software and implementing extensive testing using the workflows of creative professionals. This meticulous approach guarantees optimal performance and speed.

Future Prospects for Compatibility

The first Creator update emphasizes ray tracing support and GPU acceleration for tools, like Unreal Engine 4, Lightroom CC, and Substance Designer. The company plans to expand RTX support to even more programs for everyone working on their content.

Is It Worth the Switch?

While the Creator Drivers bring enhanced GPU stability and potential speed improvements for creative tasks, note that NVIDIA's RTX support list currently excludes several popular tools used by music and movie experts. Some of them remain primarily "CPU-bound," requiring more compatibility developments.


In a nutshell, NVIDIA's Creator-Ready Drivers introduce a paradigm shift in optimizing video card drivers for content creators. The industry eagerly awaits future updates and expanded compatibility to fully use the potential of these drivers in various creative fields, making them work perfectly for lots of programs installed by professionals.

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