5 Steps to Become a Freelance Motion Designer

by Katelynn Mitchell
Read time: 3 min
Posted 08 March 2021

Have you noticed the popularity increase in motion and graphic design lately? And no wonder, when motion designers can work on themselves, make a good living and generally enjoy life. However, the success isn't a guarantee and requires a ton of work. Today, we will go over things that can ease your way into the designer world.

1. Build Your Knowledge

woman sitting in fromt of macbook energepic.com / pexels.com

Studying design principles is the first and foremost. Don't to waste your time opening a software you haven't seen before and copying co-pilot tutorials from youtube. Start with learning the software first. The more functions and "buttons" you know, the smoother your workflow will become. In addition, you will be able to focus purely on design and not worry about technical aspects of using the software.

2. Research Different Design Areas

person-smartphone-desk-laptop Anna Nekrashevich / pexels.com

Start with looking at portfolios of studios and designers doing work that you like. Research the different areas of motion design and choose the one you find the most interesting and fitting for you. Figure out what you need to develop a successful project. 

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

walking up the stairs shoes Lindsay Henwood / unsplash.com

Try to make projects in a variety of styles. If a project isn't working out, start something completely different. In the end, you are not losing anything. Good projects can go to your portfolio, the others you can learn from.

4. Build Your Portfolio

portfolio macbook freelance Anete Lūsiņa / Unsplash.com

Portfolio is one of the most important aspects for attracting clients. Every potential client will want to see what you've created in the past, so you need to have a strong 1-2 minutes highlight reel and several good projects available. However, make sure your portfolio is clean and easy to go through.

5. Network

Browsing Social Media on Macbook and Phone Austin Distel / Unsplash.com

You might have the best projects, but this wont get you many jobs. Try to spend as much time as possible to network within your creative community. Spend some time interacting with people on social media and make friends with other freelancers. Start posting your work on Dribble, Instagram, Behance, or Twitter. Use these modern tools to your advantage.

Now, go have fun and create!

Preview picture by @austindistel / Unsplash.com

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